15 training workshops.

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Conference Program
  • 2022 Conference Program (No Zoom Details) (Schedule • Workshop Descriptions • Presenters • Workshop Guide)
  • 2022 documents with all Zoom information will be available to registered attendees using the link/password provided via email to the person who registered your group
Learning Outcomes

After your participation in an ASGA conference, student leaders and advisors will be able to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge:

  1. Understand the purpose, role, and function of an effective Student Government
  2. Know how to recruit more candidates and how to improve voter turnout in SG elections
  3. Understand how to collaboratively work with administrators and staff to participate fully in the college or university governance process
  4. Understand how to effectively deal with conflict within their organizations
  5. Understand how to manage their time to be more competent and effective as a student leader
  6. Quantify the current skill level of their Student Government and will be able to identify steps to improve in the future
  7. Understand how to efficiently transition to the next group of officers and members
  8. Understand how to market Student Government to be more attention campuswide and improve SG’s image
  9. Learn how to focus on realistic and attainable goals and will understand the definition of a winnable issue
  10. Learn how to include all students into Student Government